Tuck Tucker's Smuggler's Notch... A Review by Ron Johnson

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Once again we are delighted to share a wonderful review. This time it's Tuck Tucker's new recording, Smuggler's Notch, recorded here at Gatorbone Studios. It was so rewarding for Lon and I to work with Tuck and Gabe on Tuck's original tunes. We are grateful for that opportunity and very happy for our pal! 

Congratulations Tuck Tucker!!

Recent review by Ron Johnson for the Florida Times Union, Jacksonville, Fla.

“Smuggler’s Notch” 
James Tuck Tucker

     James Tucker, more commonly known to friends and fans as “Tuck,” is one of the best session musicians on the planet, bar none. His mastery skills of the dobro and slide guitar are unmatched from here to the hallowed halls of Nashville and beyond. As a slide guitar player, he is simply the best I’ve ever heard.
     On Tuck’s new CD, “Smuggler’s Notch,” he highlights his playing talents with beautiful songs that lift the spirit and calm the savage breast. Tuck authors all 14 songs and he quickly settles into an easy pace on the CD, music equally at home on an ipod or in a rocking chair on the porch, and his lyrics seem timeless and personal.
     Highlights include “River Styx,” “Back to the Country,” “Walking The Wire,” “Jesus On The Mountain,” and “Corkscrew.”
     Tuck shows off his country roots with some fine picking on “Hey Mister,” “Made For Only You,” “Never Was A Child,” and “Cold, Cold Tears.” His voice is subtle and easy listening, with an ageless quality to it.  
     “Smuggler’s Notch,” is a light, swinging tune that makes it impossible not to move your feet. The musicianship on the CD is excellent. Gabriel Valla plays guitar and mandolin, with Lon and Elisabeth Williamson doing harmony vocals and guitar. Lon Williamson is one of the best bass players around and he is in good form here.
     Tuck Tucker’s CD “Smuggler’s Notch” is a standout recording and we highly recommend it.
    There has been a string of wonderful recordings coming out of Lon & Lis’s recording studio, Gatorbone Studios, in Keystone Heights, and the Williamson’s have quickly established themselves as the premiere recording producers for folk music in the state of Florida.
For more information on this CD, go to www.jamestucker.com and for information on Gatorbone Studios, go to www.gatorbonestudios.com


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