More Okra Please...

Gatorbone Records is mighty pleased to report 
that recording artist, Grant Peeples
has really done it this time. He, along with his producer extraordinaire, Gurf Morlix, of Austin, Texas, have made a hit record. Yes, Okra and Ecclesiastes is making headlines this month as a top pick among listeners, radio stations and reviewers across the country and across the pond for 2011. Here are a few of them ...

Americana Music Association Top 100 Albums of 2011   www.americanamusic.org

Freeform American Roots Chart Top Ten Albums of the Year (#10)

Freeform American Roots Top Male Artists (#7)

Freeform American Roots Top Songwriters (#6)

John Conquest of 3rd Coast Music Magazine 
Album of the Year

International Folk DJ Chart-Top 50 Albums of the Year

International Folk DJ Chart-Top 100 Artists of the Year

KZMU (Moab, Utah) Amarillo Highway Best of 2011

WMBR (Cambridge, MA) Lost Highway Top 20

WMNF (Tampa) Cameron Dilley Best Music of 2011

WTUF (Thomasville, GA) Donna's Americana Best of 2011

My God. It's so wonderful. We hope you'll be inspired to pick up a copy yourself. :) Stay tuned for Prior Convictions, the latest collaboration of these two luminaries due out in the late spring. It's another knockout.
Thanks folks and, as always, thanks for listening and supporting live music.

Love, Lis


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  1. YAAAAAY, Okuru and The Preacher...I'm going right now and listen to the CD again. Congratulations Grant, Gurf, and Gatorbone!


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