The Foolish Frog

Happily, our journey begins in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, one of the most beautiful places on Earth as far as the Williamsons are concerned. A serendipitous opportunity to visit our pals, the Webbs, a couple who define Southern grace and charm. This is their place, The Foolish Frog, located on St. Helena Island where they hosted the first show of what turned out to be our not-so-mini tour. 

Twas a lovely night from the git-go. A big factor in our evening was the mutual friend that we share with the Webbs, David Dowling, a longtime musical pal from St. Augustine, but also a native of nearby Beaufort. We had met a few of David's friends in years past, so there was a small reunion as well as many new greetings and salutations from other longtime and childhood friends of David. 
Most memorable and many stories ensued.

Our friends from Gainesville, Mack and Paula Tyner, happened to be driving through and made our evening all the more fun and familiar. We launched into our first set which was very well received and off we went. A highlight of the evening was when our host, Beek, joined us on mandolin for a few numbers. Sweet! 

Here's my extraordinary grouper dinner. Mon Dieu! 

Lon had the fried chicken. Mm mmm! 

I was fascinated with the many beautiful paintings exhibited in the restaurant. 

Here's a chicken that Cathy's sister made of metal... quite cool.

Here I am with Beek, Lon and Stratty. Those are three of the sweetest men in the world.

Our evening was certainly topped off by the cozy and delightful cabin where we stayed at the Webbs. Here's the porch and the view and breakfast. 

Isn't that beautiful? 
 Cathy gave us quite the sendoff and we are more grateful than we can say to the Webbs and all the fine friends who joined us for this great evening and morning.

All was right with the world.

A most fond farewell to our friends in the Lowcountry. 

A thousand thanks!

846 Sea Island Parkway
Historic Frogmore
St. Helena Island, SC


Paul Garfinkel's Songs from Sand Lake - Best Florida CD 2011 - Florida Times Union

We are delighted to share this news with you. Our friend and fellow singer/songwriter Paul Garfinkel's recent release, Songs from Sand Lake, has just received a lovely review (below) from Ron Johnson of the Florida Times-Union and was selected as his choice for the Best Florida CD/album of 2011!

Paul, thank you for putting your faith in us! Twas a true pleasure for Lon and I to record this project and rewarding to work with a longtime friend and musical comrade on such a great collection of original songs. Another highlight of the project for us was making some new friends and visiting with some old ones as each made their instrumental contributions. Players included Gabriel Valla, Jason Thomas, Tuck Tucker, Al Scortino, Bob Bronar and Joey Kerr, each multi-talented in their own right. Also, Lon and I very much enjoyed being a part of the performing ensemble.

We'd like to extend our special thanks to Gabriel Valla and Jason Thomas, our studio partners and bandmates, who have brought their distinctive hallmark of quality to so many Gatorbone Studios recordings and to Pete Winter of Winterstone Sound in Tallahassee, Fla. who puts the cherry on top every time.

Congratulations Paul!!!

Here's a link to find out more...  Songs from Sand Lake

To contact Paul..... paulsmusic@comcast.net


Best Florida CD/Album
“Songs From Sand Lake”
Paul Garfinkel
Recorded at Gatorbone Studios and Produced by Paul Garfinkel
Lon and Lis Williamson, Co-Producers
Engineered by Lon Williamson and Mixed by Peter Winter and Lon Williamson
Paul Garfinkel, perhaps best known as one of the two excellent songwriters in the Florida folk group “The Ashley Gang,” ventures out with his second solo CD (the first in over fifteen years!) entitled “Songs From Sand Lake,” referring to the site of Gatorbone Studios where the album was recorded.
A superbly crafted CD, “Songs From Sand Lake” feature well written and often moving lyrics as well as the highest quality of musicianship throughout. Under the guiding hands of Lon & Lis Williamson, Paul presents tunes that showcase his love and concern for the environment and the Florida he clearly cherishes.
“Florida Skies,” is a standout but there are many references to man's relationship with the environment and his attitudes towards its care. Songs such as “Home For The Healing,” “Empty House,” “Old Screen Door,” "Well Runs Dry,” and the title track touch on Paul's care for the Earth.
Paul expresses other philosophies about life throughout the collection, most notably in “Choices You Make,” and “1,000 Doors.” The fun and guitar driven “Classic Ride,” reveals Paul's strong story telling abilities and indeed, several of the songs here are as well written as many short novels, with complex subplots and memorable characters. “Brandywine,” his tribute to New England artist Andrew Wyeth is filled with imagery and reads like a good book.
A portion of the proceeds of every purchased copy of the CD will be donated to the St. John's Riverkeeper and their worthy of the St. Johns River. Once again Paul is a musician who puts his money (and his heart) where his mouth is!
Well written, with rich melody lines and expertly recorded and crafted, “Songs From Sand Lake” is our Florida CD/Album of the Year and it is richly deserved.
Contact: Paul Garfinkel